What I am wearing today (11 July 2013)

Today I am wearing a Sports Jacket/Trousers combination: A gray double-breasted (6X2) sports jacket with silver metal buttons and a pair of black trousers. I am also wearing a black and gray silk tie, a white linen pocket square with black borders, a pair of black double-monk shoes, and a vintage Favre Leuba Geneve day/date watch in a black leather strap.








Black double monk strap shoes 1

Favre Leuba Geneve Automatic with day date

What I am wearing today (18 November 2012)

I was so busy today that I forgot to take the photographs. The following pictures are from yesterday’s.

You can see that I was wearing a black blazer with golden buttons paired with gray trousers, a contrast collar blue shirt with white collars; a brown printed silk cravat; and a red pocket square. I was wearing a pair of black double-monk shoes.  I was wearing a gold plated Rado Diastar automatic watch yesterday.

We also went to a wedding reception yesterday evening. After the reception, we went to my brother-in-laws place for a get to gather.




Photo shows (from right to left), my wife Shimu; the famous Bengali film actress Korobi and now a member of parliament; and I at the apartment of Shimu’s brother.



What I am wearing today (19 July 2012)

Today is Thursday and I am wearing a blazer/trousers combination. Today’s blazer is a black/brown check, 3-button, notch-lapel, and it has been matched with black trousers. The shirt I selected today is maroon in color, and has tabbed collar and French cuffs. The tie is stripes of blue/light purple/deep purple/golden yellow, and it has been coordinated with a maroon silk pocket square.

I am wearing today a pair of suede double-monk-strap (double-monk) shoes. Today’s watch is a 1963 vintage Bulova manual winding with date. It not only has a repainted black dial but also the texts on the dial are wrong.  The dial contains the word, “Sowar”, which is a brand name of West End Watches, and therefore, is wrong. Nevertheless, it’s a beautiful watch. I am wearing the watch with a Nato G10 Nylon strap in black.