What I am wearing today (28 June 2012)

Surprise, surprise! It’s a Thursday again!

Like previous Thursday’s, today I am wearing a blazer/trousers combination. The checkered blazer I am wearing today is 2-button, notch-lapel version; paired with a brown trousers with folded cuffs. The shirt I chose to wear today is a blue with black and white windowpanes. Today’s brown tie has small white woven flowers. The printed pocket square has read, black, and traces of yellow on it. I am wearing a pair of brown double monk strap shoes today.

And finally, today’s watch is a 1960 vintage, gold plated, RADO, Voyager, with day and date.

Like rest of the days this week, today also I am wearing four patterns: 1. Check suit, 2. Windowpane shirt, 3. Patterned tie, and 4. Printed pocket square. Unfortunately, I don’t seem to own a checkered or striped pair of trousers.



What I am wearing today (24 May 2012)

Today I decided not to wear a suit but to go with a double-breasted, six-button, navy blazer with beige trousers.  I selected a shirt from my recent favorites–hand loom cotton check in red and white and a red silk tie with thin blue stripes. I thought a white linen pocket square would go nicely with this combination (I also thought of using a red pocket square but finally decided in favor of white because three red items would be overdoing it.)
The shoes that I am wearing today are reddish brown double monk straps. Today’s watch is a 1963 vintage Seiko 17 Jewels manual winding version. given that the watch is nearly fifth years old, its condition is superb. Both the body and dial are in the original state.

What I am wearing today

Today I am wearing a white linen suit with black pinstripes. This is two button version with a fish-tail notch lapel. Recently I have been wearing this suit more frequently than is usual. I also love today’s shirt which is a hand loom cotton shirt in micro stripes. I am finding hand loom cottons to be particularly suitable for hot and humid weathers. You must try them to appreciate these shirts. A chose to wear a black, gray, and purple striped silk tie and a silk pocket square in black and red.

Today’s ensemble is a good example of matching various patterns. You must have noticed that everything that I am wearing today contain patterns. The suit is a stripe, the shirt is a check, the tie is again a stripe, the pocket square is a pattern is red and black. The trick in matching stripes, checks and other patterns is scale. Vary the scales so that they do not clash. Judge for yourself how effectively I have been able to mix the patterns today.

Today I am wearing a 1980 vintage Tissot Automatic with a black leather strap. I seem to have damaged the watch’s dial. I discovered this when taking a photograph of the watch today. I have been wearing this watch for the last two days.

Today’s shoes are black double-monks.

What I am wearing today (29 March 2012)

Today I am wearing a white linen 2-button suit with thin black stripes and white club-collar double-cuff shirt. The suit’s lapel is what is called a “fish-mouth” lapel. A linen suit is an informal suit and one should avoid wearing on for formal occasions. A silk knit tie is also more informal choice compared with a plain silk tie. Therefore, a silk knit tie is a good choice for a linen suit. The knit tie’s color is dark blue. Today I am wearing a printed pocket square with lot of blue in it and coordinates well with the blue tie. The choice of shoes is a black double-monk. Again a monk (both single and double) is less formal than a lace-up, and the most formal among lace-ups are oxfords. A monk is a good option for a linen suit. I am particularly fond of monk shoes and would often wear them even with very formal suits and occasions. Today’s wrist watch is a Favre-Leuba Geneve Sea King, manual winding version from 1962. The watch has a black dial and coordinates well with the black stripes of the suits and other black accessories. Finally, today I am wearing a black leather belt.


What I am wearing today (27 February 2012)

Slowly the pleasant days of winter is melting into the hot and humid summer. I thought it was time to dust and steam my linen suits and get ready for summer. Today I was wearing this linen suit with a gingham linen shirt. As it’s always wise to pair a solid tie with a gingham shirt, I chose this dark blue silk knit tie and a blue pocket square. The suit looks white but it’s actually a black pinstripe over tan/white background. Today I am wearing a simple black Skagen dress watch.

Details of suit, shirt, and wrist watch clearly visible below:

today’s shoe is a black double monk, as shown below:

Notice the black socks. Today I did not match the color of the socks with the color of the trousers. Why? Be3cause one never wears a white socks–white socks are only for sports. Don’t ever wear white socks with suits, even if the suit is white. If you wear a white suit, the socks color should match the color of your shoe.