What I am wearing today (22 November 2012)

Today I am wearing a sports jacket/trousers combination. Today’s sport jacket is a 2-button notch-lapel subtle Prince of Wales stripe in charcoal gray. I am also wearing a white/blue striped shirt with French cuffs, a silk tie in various shades of blue, purple, and maroon; a Macclesfield printed silk pocket square; a pair of suede double-monk shoes in black and an vintage Ramand weil automatic watch.







What I am wearing today (5 June 2012)

Today I am wearing an ash pinstripe, notch-lapel, 2-button suit; a blue and peach striped tabbed color shirt with french cuffs; a peach silk tie; a Macclesfield silk printed pocket square in blue, red, and yellow; a pair of black cap-toed oxford shoes; and a 1940 vintage, military issue, West End Watch Company, Sowar, Prima, manual winding, watch. The bracelet is a “Bonklip” imitation. There is a history behind this type of bracelets. These bracelets were issued to the World War II pilots and could be used in both under the flight jacket, or more usually, over the flight jacket’s sleeve.


What I am wearing today (26 April 2012)

Today I am wearing a natural tan colored linen, 3-button, notch-lapel, patch-pocket single-breasted suit; a handloomed cotton check shirt with french-cuffs, a silk knit tie in blue and red horizontal stripes, a Macclesfield printed silk pocket square, a pair of mustard colored suede monks, a mustard colored belt with a golden buckle, and a 1980’s golden Rado Diastar automatic watch.