What I am wearing today (23 September 2012)

Today I am wearing a dark green, 3-button, notch lapel suit paired with a green cotton barrel cuff shirt with white stripes. Today’s printed silk tie is in maroon/red/white/green colors and the silk pocket square is solid maroon. I am also wearing a pair of oxford brogues in reddish brown color.

Today, I am not wearing a mechanical watch. Today’s watch is a vintage gold-plated Omega Seamaster Quartz with a chocolate leather strap.












What I am wearing today (29 August 2012)

Today I am wearing a dark coffee colored (looks almost black), 3-button suit with notch-lapels; a maroon candy stripe shirt with French cuffs; a check silk tie in red/blue/green/beige; a maroon silk pocket square; a pair of black half-brogue oxford shoes; and a vintage and rare Rado Elegance automatic watch in stainless steel.

Following is a note about three button suits. Technically, you can either fasten only the middle, or the first and second buttons of a 3 button suit. However, this choice is actually dictated by the roll of your lapel. In some three button suits, the roll of the lapel extends beyond the first button and it looks almost like a 2-button suit. In these suits, if you fasten the first two buttons, it will look odd because the jacket was designed for only the second (or middle) button to be fastened.

If carefully look at my suit today, you will find that the lapel extends beyond the first button and therefore, I have fastened only the second button. This is how this jacket was cu and intended to be worn. However, if you look at the suit I wore yesterday (which was also 3-button), you will find the lapel ends before the first button and therefore, it would be proper to fasten the first two buttons.








What I am wearing today (2 August 2012)

Today again is a Thursday and like other Thursday’s today I am wearing a blazer/trousers combination. The hunter green blazer is single-button, peaked lapel and with metal buttons. The trousers are brown and the shirt is also brown/white Bengal Stripe. The shirt has barrel cuff. The shoes are brown monk-straps. I am wearing a maroon silk tie with woven white paisley patterns. I am also wearing a maroon silk pocket square.

Though I normally do not wear lapel pins, as an exception I am wearing one today to celebrate the Olympic spirit. This pin is from the Atlanta Olympic of 1996. I visited Atlanta just before the Olympic and this was a souvenir.

Today’s watch is a 1965 vintage Tissot Visodate Seastar Seven manual winding with a golden bazel.