What I am wearing today (27 May 2012)

Today I am wearing a light tan, 2-button, notch-lapel, linen suit; a hand loom cotton check shirt; a brown silk tie with small flower patterns; a brown and navy printed silk pocket square; a pair of brown double monk strap shoes; and finally, a vintage Sicura Automatic watch.

The glass (crystal) of the watch is damaged. Also damaged are some of the stones in the dial. Trying to find a replacement crystal for the watch. I am not sure about the age of this watch.



What I am wearing today (23 May 2012)

Today’s attire consists of a three-button, notch-lapel, glen plaid suit with a ticket pocket; a white hand loom made cotton shirt with french-cuffs; a blue silk tie with small patterns on it; a blue patterned printed pocket square; a pair of dark brown derby shoes; and finally, a very old (1940’s), manual winding, Cyma Navy Star wristwatch.

When I had received the watch its condition was so bad that I had to get the watch’s body re0enameled and the dial redone. As a result, now it looks almost new!

What I am wearing today (18 April 2012)

Today I am wearing a glen plaid (aka Glenurquhart check) double-breasted, six-buttons, suit; a very light pink shirt with tabbed collar and french-cuffs; a striped necktie in light blue/light pink/ shocking pink colored stripes; and a pink pocket square; a pair of fancy oxford shoes with side laces. Today’s watch is an Omega Constellation Chronometer Automatic.

What I am wearing today (16 April 2012)

Today’s suit fabric has brown chalk-stripes over a kind of dark blue/bluish black background. The suit is three buttons, notch-lapel, and unlike most of my suits, has no back vents. My preference is two back vents. I would say this suit is also a tad lengthy–in my opinion two inch shorter would have been ideal. I paired the suit with a graph-check shirt with french-cuffs. Today I chose to wear a patterned silk necktie in yellow/brown shade to complement the brown colors in both the shirt and pocket square. The pocket square has two colors; navy and brown.

The shoes I am wearing today are brown cap-toed oxfords. Today’s I am wearing a 1960 vintage 17 jewels  Tressa, manual winding,  stainless steel watch. By the way, I am also wearing a brown belt today.


What I am wearing today (12 April 2012)

A dark gray windowpane, 2-button, notch-lapel suit with cuffed trousers; a white shirt with James Bond Cuff (AKA Cocktail Cuff). Cocktail cuffs can have one button or two buttons closing; however, today’s shirt cuffs have one button closing. Today’s tie has white polka dots over a dark red background and I am wearing it with a half Windsor knot. The shoes are very simple and unadorned black cap-toed oxfords. The watch I am wearing today is a gold plated Tissot Automatic vintage 1980.

Sean Connery in James Bond wearing a shirt with cocktail cuffs.

What I am wearing today (9 April 2012)

Today I am wearing gray striped black, 2-button, notch-lapel suit; blue spread-collar, french-cuff shirt; dark blue tie with small paisley patterns; blue pocket square; black leather belt with a silver colored buckle; black cap-toed oxford shoes, and a 1960’s vintage Favre-Leuba Geneve Sea King, manual winding, black dial, wristwatch.

As I am today wearing a spread-collar shirt, I decided to change my usual tie knot. To make the knot a little bigger and fill the gap of the spread-collar, today I used a Pratt knot. You find information here how to tie a Pratt knot http://www.tie-a-tie.net/pratt.html.

What I am wearing today (20 March 2012)

A gray double breasted, six-button suit with a white shirt forms the cornerstone of my ensemble today. With a white shirt you can year any tie; however, in my opinion a tie with some white in it is the ideal tie for a white shirt. Consequently, I am wearing a red tie with white polka dots. The knot is four-in-hand. I am also wearing dark brown, cap-toed, oxfords. The watch I am wearing today is same watch as yesterday’s.

The Ascot tie (also known as Cravat, Day Cravat, or simply Ascot)






For many informal social occasions a necktie becomes, if not inappropriate, a tad too formal. As I hate the idea of a bare neck, an ascot becomes handy to cover the neck in these situations.







However, it’s important to wear the ascot discreetly, low under the shirt’s collar, as shown at the right:








Don’t wear an ascot too high on the collar, as shown at the right:


This is how you tie an ascot:


What I am wearing today (27 February 2012)

Slowly the pleasant days of winter is melting into the hot and humid summer. I thought it was time to dust and steam my linen suits and get ready for summer. Today I was wearing this linen suit with a gingham linen shirt. As it’s always wise to pair a solid tie with a gingham shirt, I chose this dark blue silk knit tie and a blue pocket square. The suit looks white but it’s actually a black pinstripe over tan/white background. Today I am wearing a simple black Skagen dress watch.

Details of suit, shirt, and wrist watch clearly visible below:

today’s shoe is a black double monk, as shown below:

Notice the black socks. Today I did not match the color of the socks with the color of the trousers. Why? Be3cause one never wears a white socks–white socks are only for sports. Don’t ever wear white socks with suits, even if the suit is white. If you wear a white suit, the socks color should match the color of your shoe.