What I am wearing today (27 June 2012)

Today I am wearing a Price of Wales check, 2-button, notch-lapel suit; a blue over white graph-check shirt with tabbed collar and french cuffs; a yellow tie with small gray patterns; a brownish silk tie-dye pocket square; a pair of dark brown oxford shoes with medallion; and a vintage Anglo Swiss Watch Co., CAVALRY, split second, manual winding watch.

Today, for the fourth day I am wearing all patterns and today it is the most pronounced. Due to the very strong and dominating pattern of the suit, I paired with a less prominent shirt with a subtle blue graph check, which from a distance appears white. Now I needed a patterned tie that will not conflict with the suit and shirt. I ruled out any check or stripe as it will conflict with the bold suit. Similarly, a tie with too closely spaced dots is also not suitable as it will clash with the shirt. Therefore, I selected a tie with some widely spaced small patterns on it.

However, it is preferable to wear a white or pastel colored shirt and a plain tie with this suit.



What I am wearing today (26 June 2012)

Today also I am wearing four patterns. The suit is a 2-button, peaked-lapel, blue on blue pinstripe; the shirt is a stripe of blue, white, and yellow; the silk tie is a thin blue stripe on a red background; and finally, the cotton pocket square is a maroon stripe. Today’s watch is a vintage Mido “Ocean Star” 17 Jewel, Shockprotected, manual winding version.


What I am wearing today (25 June 2012)

Today I am wearing a dark brown pinstripe, 2-button, peaked-lapel suit; a white/yellow striped shirt with french cuffs; a yellow tie with black square patterns; a Burberry print pocket square;  a pair of dark brown, cap-toed oxford shoes; and a 1950 vintage, 10-micron gold plated, West End Watch Co,, Sowar, Prima, automatic watch in a mid-brown leather strap.

If you would notice, today also I am wearing four patterns: The suit is a pinstripe, the shirt is also a stripe, and both the tie and pocket square are checks. Now, you are to judge if the patterns clash.

What I am wearing today (24 June 2012)

Today I am wearing a dark blue, 3-button, notch-lapel, suit with light blue stripes; a blue candy-stripe shirt with french cuffs; a blue, teal, and black broad-stripe silk tie; a Macclesfield printed silk pocket square in blue and red; a pair of black cap-toed oxford shoes; and a 1960 vintage Omaga Seamaster, manual winding watch in stainless steel with a black leather strap.

If you look carefully at today’s ensemble, you will find that I am wearing all patterns: Three stripes (suit, shirt, and tie) and one print (pocket square). The easiest thing to wear is a white shirt with a suit; because white (which is not a color but a lack of any color) goes with anything. You can wear a white shirt with any suit. Also, almost any tie would go with a white shirt. There are many people who wear nothing but white shirts. Difficulties start when you decide to wear anything but a white shirt and difficulties are compounded when you start experimenting with pattern mixing. However, each day this week I would be wearing patterns–all patterns; stripes, checks, prints, gingham, etc. The objective is to get ideas on combinations those work and also those that don’t work out.



What I am wearing today (21 June 2012)

Today is Thursday—the day before the start of weekends in Bangladesh. The sky remained overcast with occasional patches of blue visible through the gray and white blanket of cloud. Dhaka’s skyline, visible from my 12th floor office, looked kind of gloomy, as if waiting for something ominous to happen. I glimpsed a few pigeons as they sprinted by the window like planes performing aerobics.

To break the monotony of suits, I have resolved not to wear suits on Thursdays. Instead, I would wear a blazer/trousers combination. As a result, today I am wearing a three-button woolen blazer in ash- blue and black; a light blue cotton shirt with French cuffs; a black woolen tie; a blue silk pocket square; a pair of black Chelsea boots. Today I am also wearing a vintage (I don’t know the exact date) square-shaped, Rado automatic with date in stainless steel. What is interesting about this watch is that the Rado logo is unlike the traditional “floating anchor” logo of Rado. Instead, the logo is simply “RADO” written on the dial.


What I am wearing today (20 June 2012)

When I woke up in the morning, the sky was overcast.  The blazing summer sun, now cloaked in a gray veil, appeared less angry.  At around 8:00 a.m., it was about 26 degrees Centigrade, when only few days back it was hovering around 35-38. Normally, in Bangladesh monsoon dominates in full force by the start of June; however, monsoon is tardy this year

Usually, I decide on the daily wardrobe the night before. However, today it was not possible because last evening I attended a wedding reception, returned home quite late, and did not feel like to go through the rituals of arranging an ensemble, which includes ironing, polishing, selecting, etc.

With Gen. Md. Abdul Mubeen, Chief of Staff, Bangladesh Armed Forces, at his son’s wedding reception held at “Senakunja” on June 19, 2012.

When I selected my ensemble today, I had an urge to wear a charcoal suit and white shirt. Therefore, today’s I am wearing a charcoal gray, 2-button, peaked-lapel, suit; a white shirt with James Bond Cuffs; a black/white checkered tie;  a white linen pocket square; and a pair of black cap-toed oxford shoes.

Today, I am also wearing a 1950 vintage and elegant, Anglo Swiss Watch Company, Cavalry,  dress watch in stainless steel.

Another interesting thing happened today. Some of my colleagues wanted to model for my blog. Therefore, today I am also posting photographs of two of my coworkers.

From left to right: Rezwan, Shahzaman, and Mizan.