Ties (Neckties)

Ties or neckties are essential elements of formal business attire.

Check the Wikipedia article on Necktie here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Necktie

Ties can be made from various materials, such as, wool, silk, cotton, linen, and animal hides. Similarly ties come in various colors and patterns.

The width of a tie should be proportional to the suit lapel and shirt collar width. We will discuss about these proportions later.

Ties can be tied by various methods. Most popular, however, is the knot known as four-in-hand. This knot is shown below:

If you are interested in other knots, search the Internet. There are many sites including Youtube showing how to tie various knots.

In a later post I will discuss about various types of ties and other details about ties.

3 thoughts on “Ties (Neckties)

  1. Personally, I prefer the Windsor knot, nice and symetrical. I think any bow-tie wearer should make the effort to use a self-tie, sadly I see too many clip-ons being worn with dinner jackets.

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