Why this blog on style

If you enjoy being well dressed; or if you want to be well dressed; this blog is for you. I will share with you what I have learned about being well dressed because I wish I had someone to guide me when I was growing up. Though this blog is primarily aimed at those who are about to start a career or has already started recently, yet I believe almost anybody interested being well dressed can benefit from it.

I decided to start this blog after noticing the deplorable state of fashion awareness of the male residents of Dhaka.  If you measure by the number and variety of expensive cars in Dhaka, you would expect the occupants of these vehicles to be equally well attired.   In reality that is not the case. This becomes quite noticeable when you attend any social function and observe how naively many people dress apparently expensive attire.  I believe that it’s important to follow dress codes based on the formality of a particular event.

I need to share the story of my own style journey with you. In retrospect, it seems to me that when I started my career in 1980, my sense of style/fashion was immature—deficiencies about which I was not even aware. I did not know because nobody told me and in those days the Internet was also not there to enable self education. Even today-in the age of the Internet-I believe a guide is necessary to charter a course through the turbulent Internet waters because it’s easy to get lost in the vast ocean of information that is the Internet.

Therefore, the purpose of this blog is to help people, particularly the young professional, in giving tips on the intricacies of proper style.

16 thoughts on “Why this blog on style

  1. Hi thanks for this blog.

    I too take pride in how I dress.

    I wanted to ask you about watches. How many watches do you own? How best to maintain a watch collection? I have about 7 watches mainly automatic 4 of which are Tissots.

    What do you look for in watches?


    1. Dear Sabi:

      Thank you for your comment. I am very happy to know that you take pride in what you wear. I believe that quality should exude from everything you do.

      I have between 200 and 300 watches (i have not counted recently). I collect only mechanical watches (manual winding as well as automatics, and I love them.) I have no interest in quartz.



  2. Hi thanks for this blog.

    I wanted to ask you about watches. How many do you own and how do you maintain a collection?

    What do you look for in new watches?


  3. I found all of the styles are mostly concentrating on formal styling. can there be any extension of casual styling? I am bit fancy on casual, Polo/round neck T-shirts, jeans etc on top of formal dressings.

  4. Sir, thank you very much for such a wonderful blog. It would be a great support if you kindly include some grooming tips and very importantly cloth storage ideas. I see young generations are building a dress sense but lacking right grooming and hygiene knowledge. Hoping you be adding these soon. One thing I am struggling with is the right storage idea for my clothes. A good closet makes a gulf of difference. Any suggestions?
    By the way where do you stitch your clothes from?

    1. Thank you very much for your compliments Mashid. The closet choice depends on the size of one’s wardrobe. In my opinion ten well-made suits and a couple of blazers/sports jackets are adequate for a discerning men’s wardrobe. Therefore, one needs at least two wardrobes, one for the suits and the other for the shirts and trousers.

      I intent to write a piece on “how to build a wardrobe over three years.” In my experience, it’s always better to give proper consideration to one’s situation (work habits, social habits, peers, outlook, position, earning, travels, etc.,) in building a wardrobe.

      About where I have been getting my suits tailored, for the last three years I have been experimenting and training a set of local cutters/tailors and I am happy to inform you that it produced good results. Most of my suits are cut/tailored by these trained people. As you may be aware that I am in the final stages of setting up a bespoke tailoring service and expect to be operational by 1 February 2014. The location if the lobby of Pan Pacific Sonargaon Hotel, Dhaka.

      And thanks again for your encouraging comments.

  5. Dear Shahzaman,

    First of all , you look stunning in your suits ! I compliment you on your ability to carry off those suit , shirt and tie combinations.

    I could really use your help. I have a wedding to attend in a month’s time and intend to wear my solid dark blue slim fit Hugo Boss suit with a light blue shirt . The question is what colour tie should I wear? I don’t want to look corporate at all and so am leaning towards a bright pink or orange. However , I don’t want to make a fool of myself, what would you do if you were in my shoes? Talking about shoes , I have a pair of black and dark brown Chelsea boots, could you give me some Tie suggestions for both pairs please ?



    1. Dear Pranav:

      Thank you for your comment and compliments.

      a dark blue (Navy?) suit and a light blue shirt is a very standard combination and a wide selection of ties (and pocket squares) are possible.

      Both pink and orange are good choices and it will go nicely with your suit/shirt combination.

      for the shoes, however, I would recommend a pair of black oxfords (if the wedding is after sunset). A pair of brown shoes may be worn if it’s a day wedding. A pair of blue and brown Chelsea boot may be too informal (actually depends on the shape of the Chelsea boot). Is is possible to post a picture? My email is shahzaman.mozumder@gmail.com.(Or did you mean that you have two boots; one brown and the other black? In that case brown for day and black for night.) Also wear a pocket square and match the pocket square with the shirt or use a white linen one.

      I hope my suggestion is helpful.



  6. Hello Mr Shahzaman,

    I found your blog from fb and was intrigued to see your passion for style. Absolutely amazing collection! U do not look like Bangladeshi though..but ur name suggests u are! One man I know who loves to dress up is my father who is in Dhaka…I reside in UK but I am thinking if I could introduce him with you, he will enjoy it a lot!…


    1. Dear Saida: thank you for your comment. I would be delighted to meet your father and maybe learn something from him. I can assure you that i am an authentic Bangladeshi who was born at Dinajpur.
      Cheers, Shahzaman

  7. Hello Mr Shahzaman

    i am here for a suggesstion from you…..
    I have completed my O leves and in april there will a graduation ceremony….
    the dress code is black suit
    can u advice me from where can i get a suit tailored nicely….
    and can u give me suggestion about the different suit designs that i can use…..
    and one more important thing my height is 5ft 2 which is a problem for my styling…..

    With Respect
    Fahim Khan

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