Winning First Impressions

In 1986 I attended a training session organized by IBM and conducted by a USA based company named Malandro Communications Inc.  The course was titled, “Winning First Impressions.” The course taught four key things:

Key 1:

  • Always put your best foot forward
  • Face to face impressions are formed within 4 to 6 minutes
  • Telephone impressions/45 seconds
  • Job interviews/30 seconds
  • Impressions are formed 55% by non-verbal cues (body posture, face, eyes), 38% voice, 7% words and contents.

Key 2:

  • Present a winning first impression
  • Project confidence (people buy people)
  • Focus on others (not on yourself)
  • Be enthusiastic and energetic
  • Dress professionally
  • Smile (be friendly and personable)
  • Be a walking logo (be unique)

Key 3:

  • Treat every individual as a valued person
  • Discover something special about each person
  • Display sincere interest with voice and behaviors
  • Ask questions (and listen to the answers)
  • Avoid leaking (stay focused)
  • Maintain good eye contact
  • Support others in doing their best
  • Express thanks/appreciate often

Key 4:

  • Begin building rapport immediately
  • Match rhythm (pace and lead)
  • Speak their language (not yours)
  • Use encouragers (avoid killers)
  • Use name of person
  • Self-disclose (be real)
  • Use rewarding non-verbal cues (close distance, smile, lean forward, goo eye contact, pleasant voice
  • Listen 70% of the time, talk 30% (avoid interrupting and anxious listening)
I have been carrying this card since 1986 in my wallet. I have gained tremendously from that course and thought to share with you the same.

9 thoughts on “Winning First Impressions

  1. Same goes to me also. I got it from Zahidul Haque and who in fact got it from S Majumder Sir. and I carry it into my bag since then. Those are special tips i believe and I do share those with my team to practice as and when required.

    1. I am very happy to know that the information is useful to you. In fact, I still carry the card with me in my wallet and review it from time to time. Thanks for your comment. Shahzaman

  2. Dear sir,
    I have gone through countless of motivational and self improving tips. From “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrnes to “Think like a Champion” by Rudy Webster. But yours is the simplest summary altogether and more.
    Hope to learn from you more day by day.

  3. Hello Sir,

    I wanted to send an email to thank you for these simple but very effective tips. In a very important occasion I used it and I would say it helped me to get the right thing I desired. Since then I suggested my friends and close colleagues to follow the advises you wrote. I would say this blog is very useful for ambitious professionals. Without any controversy silently its playing its role. Thank you Sir for being so generous sharing your valuable ideas with all. Long live Sir.

    Good day!


  4. Dear sir,
    Thanks for sharing this. It is very helpful to be professional in someone’s career. This is the first time I am in your blog. I will try to visit this regularly.

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